Prospective Students

Application for 2020/2021 academic year


  1. When can I apply?


Full-time programs — June 22 – October 16

Short-time programs – the whole academic year


  1. What programs can I choose?


Full-time programs in English and German

Bachelor and Master Programs in English and German


Full-time programs in Russian 

Bachelor and Master Programs

Your Russian language level has to be no less than B1


Short-time programs In Russian or in a foreign language

All faculties and institutes offer individual short-time apprenticeship programs (96 hours per month) designed to improve a student’s perfomance by working with supervisor over a student’s paper. To find out, if a program in a foreign labguage is available, please contact International Relations Office or Institute of Faculty of your choice.

Duration: from 1 month to 1 year

Price: 25 000 roubles for 1 month


  1. How to apply?

ITo get a Russian visa you need to fill the application form  and get the invitation letter from Moscow Pedagogical State University

Issuing the invitation for full-time programs – May 25 – August 28


After receiving Russian visa, you need to come to International Relations office (Malaya Pirogovskaya street, 1/1, 3rd floor, room 322) with documents.

Fill the register form (in Russian)

Documents required for matriculation to MPGU

  • ID (original);
  • translation of the certificate of education into Russian, notarized in the consulate of the Russian Federation or in Russian notary’s office*;
  • certificate of the equivalence of the certificate of education issued by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation (if necessary);
  • medical conclusion issued/ authenticated by an official medical establishment of your country;
  • negative AIDS individual results; this certificate should be authenticated/issued by an official medical establishment of your country;
  • certificate of completion of the Russian language course and the Russian language certificate or any document, confirming knowledge of the Russian language (not necessary);
  • 2 black and white photos (3x4cm size).

* Please note that the certificate of education should be duly LEGALIZED (or APOSTILLED) (the information about the legalization can be obtained in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country). Certificates of education of CIS countries need not be legalized.


  1. How to begin the classes?


  1. To enter bachelor, master and postgraduate programs you have to pass entrance exams:
  • Russian/English language
  • Subject exam

Duration of the exams – August 31 – October 25

  1. Sign the contract
  2. Start attending classes


  1. How to contact us?


Malaya Pirogovskaya street, 1/1, 3rd floor, room 322,     Frunzenskaya Metro station

Vernadskogo prospect, 88, 3rd floor, room 342 (only from September to October) Yugo-Zapadnaya Metro station



8 499 246 01 23

8 499 400 02 48, ext. 141, 142

ext. 691 (only September-October)