Cultural Heritage

Museum of Moscow state pedagogical University consists of 6 collections (according to by scientific fields):

  1. Collection about the history of Moscow State Pedagogical University and the higher pedagogical education
  2. Collection of Zoology and ecology named after Professor A. F. Kotz of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry
  3. Geological-mineralogical collection of the faculty of Geography
  4. Botanical collection «Herbarium named after Professor A. G. Elenevskiy (international acronym MOSP)» of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry
  5. A private collection of sport and the Olympic Movement

The collection on the history of the Moscow Pedagogical State University includes five Halls: Hall № 1 «Moscow higher female courses 1872-1918.», the Hall № 2 «MSPI after V. I. Lenin in the years of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945», the Hall № 3 «the University today», the Hall № 4 «Archaeological study»; Hall № 5 «Collection of Russian and foreign pieces of Art by V. P. Potemkin».

The museum is a keeper of scientific and pedagogical traditions of teachers of different time periods.  Throughout its history, many generations of teachers were trained. The exhibits of the museum are the past in the present that connect university history with its present. The cultural richness of MHCW then 2nd Moscow State University – MSPI – MSPI of V.I.Lenin – MSPU. It is possible to get acquainted with exhibits during excursions.

There are different excursions in the museum. They depend on subject (research and thematic), on visitors (for school students, first-year students, students of the older years specializing in the certain direction of scientific work, for the staff, for colleagues from other higher establishments), on the venue (on the exposition of the museum placed in halls, on mobile and stationary bench expositions in the Main building and in the building of Humanities).


The Museum of MPSU
Collection of works of Russian and foreign art
The collection of zoology and ecology of chair
Geological and mineralogical collection
Scientific library of MPSU